Taxiway: the only way

Lefkos Pirgos Radio-taxi and Eurotaxi have been the two larger taxi transportation companies in Greece until the end of 2012. With a common vision to further develop taxi transportations and the relating services, we joined forces, so that we currently have 2500 members and own 1,200 vehicles, namely the biggest fleet in the Balkans, operating under the new name TAXIWAY. The combination of our 25 years of experience in the sector of taxi transportations, our constantly developing services as well as the large number of co-operations with major tourism institutions and state organizations mark us as the leaders in the field.

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Our fleet comprises vehicles for the transportation of:

  • Transport for 8 passengers with luxury Mercedes minivan vehicles.
  • People with disabilities. The Mercedes-Benz vehicles have a special ramp to facilitate the entry and exit of wheelchairs in the vehicle (with the disabled person) and also offer the opportunity to transport 4 or additional passengers (if there is no disabled passenger);
  • Transport of numerous luggage with Caravan-type vehicles;
  • Routes abroad for vehicles equipped with a Green Card;
  • We provide drivers who are fluent in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian, who can also act as tour guides, both inside and outside the city.

We provide modern transportation services:

  • student transportation
  • safe transportation of unaccompanied minors with special seats
  • simultaneous transportation of a passenger and their vehicle
  • transportation from and to foreign countries
  • transportation of unaccompanied items
  • time leases
  • corporate deals

Our fleet in total consists of new vehicles (Mercedes, Skoda, Toyota, Peugeot), which, including our call center, are equipped with a cutting-edge management, navigation and tracking satellite systems, further underlining our commitment to the security and safety of the transported persons. Moreover, our vehicles undergo:

  • regular biological cleanings
  • annual technical safety control
  • control of the overall vehicle condition by a committee

We take credit for co-operations with tourist agencies and conference organizers in Thessaloniki, Athens, Crete as well as cities abroad, with large hotel complexes in our city and the wider area including exclusive co-operations with other institutions (HELLENIC RAILWAYS ORGANISATION (ΤRΑΙΝΟSΕ), NATIONAL TRANSPLANT ORGANISATION (Ε.Ο.Μ.), HELEXPO, STEEL PRODUCING COMPANIES (SIDENOR), NATIONAL THEATER OF NORTHERN GREECE, THESSALONIKI STATE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, HELLENIC PUBLIC POWER CORPORATION, THE THESSALONIKI CONCERT HALL, BAYER, MUNICIPALITY OF THESSALONIKI, SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND and many more).

Among our goals is the introduction of innovative and flexible services, as well as of special internet applications for dispatching taxis to large and single customers (smartphone, tablet and pc), as well as the co-operation with all competent institutions with a view to ensuring qualitative transportation for passengers.

Our highly qualified personnel and our collaborators in various fields can assist you in creating a transportation plan that meets your expectations.

Our corporate development through concentration on all sectors, characterized by the geographic and economic expansion of our organization in areas coming under the field of Transportations, make us confident that we can live up to your expectations, while our brand name can guarantee comfortable, safe transportation of your clients from any place to any place; our knowledge and experience guarantee high quality services with a smile.